Monday, October 3, 2016

Rainbow Persian: A Review (and a LOT more)

I have been waiting for this! Finally someone has gotten their hands on Rainbow Gallery's new wool, which is called Rainbow Persian, and tells all about it!  Luckily for us, the review is Amy Bunger who knows just what a stitcher is likely to ask about a new thread: To sum up:  the thread is a tapestry wool (not strandable), comes in 32 colors which doesn't include a bright snow white, there are 20 yards on each card, a single strand covers well on 18 count as long as the stitch is slanted, but straight stitches don't cover perfectly which is typical in almost any thread.  (Not to worry, Amy gives you a genius tip to help your coverage that doesn't involve more than one strand in the needle, complete with stitch diagram.)  You can read all about it and see a good photo of the available colors in her shop newsletter for October 2016.

Of course the newsletter includes Amy's class and club announcements (including a cyberclass from Sally Baer of BB Needlepoint), news about other new thread and bead colors, other new products (Faux Leather, anyone?), new stitch guides available from Amy, a review of the new Twisty Stitches Two and Can Do Hairdos, and more!  Including how to remove stains from needlepoint.  And including a hint that a new A La Carte Stitches book from Lynda Richardson is due at January Market!

I enjoy each and every newsletter Amy writes.  They are full of information and fun.

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