Monday, October 3, 2016

Wonderful Finishing

Nimble Needle in New Jersey has just posted photographs of their latest batch of finished items that have returned from the finishers they use.   There are all sorts of special touches--like switching the color of cording on ornaments to outline a snowman's face in white.  You can see how even a few beads add weight to a piece, admire the ruching on eggs, or the tilt of a dreidel maintained by something heavy inside.  Karen shows off the acrylic trays from Kreative Koncepts which allow a small piece of needlepoint to be slid inside.  The stitching is fabulous, too.

Standard sized acrylic trays are available from Kate Dickerson, Melissa Prince and Cooper Oaks plus your local shop may have a source that can make them to your specs.

If you need something really oddly shaped, talk to Kreative Acrylics.

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