Friday, March 3, 2017

ANG Magazines Go Digital

The American Needlepoint Guild has decided to make their Needle Pointers magazine digital so that folks eagerly waiting their next issue can read it online until the post office delivers the hard copy.

The step-by-step instructions for accessing the magazine are here.  Note that you will need your user name and password to log onto the section of the website that has this digitized content.  I didn't know I even had one!  ANG has apparently assigned everyone this.  To discover what yours is if you have not ordered anything from the website online, use the email address you have given ANG to send you newsletters and ask for the password to be sent to you.  That's how I logged in.

The Seminar Brochure, which is also digitized, can be accessed this way.

Once you log in, you have to manipulate the online magazine.  Sadly, you can only enlarge the text and photos once, which makes reading tiny text difficult.  (I haven't tried this on a mobile device which may have more options for enlarging text, diagrams and photographs.)  You won't get a much better photo or diagram, either.  This tells you how to turn the page, enlarge the text, etc.

Yes, it is complicated but once you get your logon and password and try it, it is a lot easier.  This is a nice way of reading the magazine and Seminar brochure for those who are comfortable with online viewing or who are impatiently awaiting postal delivery.

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  1. is anyone else as disappointed with the new magazine as I am? it seems there is a lot of writing, but very little design and stich direction and color photos. I like product and book reviews with photos. the advertising is too big a focus. it seems flat and now I feel like NeedlpointNow has overshadowed them when, a few years ago, it used to be the other way around. NN is chock full of projects and glossiness and ideas and guides. they blend it well with the advertising which they did not used to do. just curious if anyone else saw the difference with the new ANG publisher's product.

  2. I don't much like the new issue but then it is the exhibits one and there is never much in those because all the exhibit information takes over. The text describing the too small photos (they are always too small for needlepointers who are into the eye candy big time) was very tiny, too. Made it hard to read. But we can't really judge until more issues have come out. This is the first one with the new publisher.