Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How Do Shops Tape Canvas Edges?

Debbie Rowley gives us a glimpse behind the door at the gadget shops use to tape the edges of canvases they sell.

She also uses electric scissors to cut canvas.  If you aren't a teacher or shop owner, you probably don't need either of these things but it is fun to discover how all this is done.

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  1. I've seen the tape machine work at Needle in a Haystack. Taping canvas edges is a great service that shops provide. NIAH also asks if customers want their linen or other fabrics served. If I buy a canvas that isn't taped, I usually fold down the edges to create a hem and run the canvas through my serger (without using the cutting blade) or sewing machine. That does cause the edges to be a bit higher than the center of the canvas, but so far, that hasn't affected my stitching.

  2. If I tape an edge, I use wide bias tape, bought pre folded in the middle, slip it over the raw edge, and sew down the middle to attach it. But I rarely bother.