Friday, December 29, 2017

Catch Up with Fiber Talk: Stitch While You Listen

With Holiday Madness in full force here in Chilly Hollow, I've not been keeping up with the podcasts from Gary and Christine at Fiber Talk.  I'm about to remedy that since things are calmer after Christmas.  Like the fun bubble designs from A Poore Girl Paints?  Here's an interview with Amy Poore.

Are you a counted canvas worker?  The Fiber Talk team catches up with Orna Willis a second time.

Do you love Needlepoint Now magazine?  Fiber Talk interviews Elizabeth Bozievich, the editor, a second time.

There are bound to be things you've missed.  Scroll down a bit until you can see Recent Posts on the left side of the page and pick something that sounds interesting….

Happy listening!

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Karyn said...

Great post Jane! Thanks
Have a very Happy New Year

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Same to you, Karyn! Christine and Gary do a nice job. I have enjoyed their podcasts, even the ones about cross stitch (which is called that because it makes my eyes cross.)