Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stitch Guides, Classes and Other Fun Things UPDATED

Those of you who think of stitch guides as just about one canvas may find Ridgewood's mention of the Brenda Hart Banner Book (which discusses stitching Rebecca Wood's series of seasonal banners) enlightening.  I may be slightly prejudiced since I write stitch guides, but I think of them as inspirational reading, not just a road map for a certain canvas.

Rittenhouse Needlepoint has posted a profile of their in-house custom canvas painter.  Many designers start out painting other folks' designs, then graduate to going out on their own but a significant minority of painted canvas designers started with custom work, catering to the customer's design to memorialize something special to them.  Jim is going this route and the photographs of his work are something special.  I particularly love his Scarlet Letter pillow but there is lots to admire here.  Kudos to Rittenhouse for showcasing his skills!  I can't wait to see what he does next.

Laura Perin's first cyberclass is over and she is starting to post photographs of her students' finished pieces.  As always, the various colors they chose make each piece totally unique.  One of the greatest charms of counted canvaswork is picking your own colors to create something that is totally unique.  It's not a custom painted design like the ones Jim does for Rittenhouse, but it's the next best thing as the stitcher is the color artist.

UPDATE:  Laura has just announced her second cyberclass, Lilac Time.  Here are the details.

Speaking of new blogs as I did yesterday, Beth at ThreadworX has started one, too.  She is heavily involved in ThreadworX's stitching publications and writes lovely stitch guides, so I have high hopes that Peppermint Street will be a fun place for stitchers to visit.

My final treat for you this morning is a close up of Carole Lake's St. Basil's Cathedral.  Any of you who were at the 2001 ANG Seminar saw the original model on display.

Carole occasionally teaches this piece, much to the delight of lucky stitchers everywhere.  Ridgewood Needlepoint has the class scheduled and have received the class materials and the model recently.  They couldn't resist taking some close up photos to showcase this wonderful piece.  Note that there are a few differences between the 2001 model and the class model.  Carole restitched this as the original design and some of the threads are no longer available.

By the way, there are two openings left in this class so if you live close to Ridgewood, NJ, act quickly!

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