Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where Would We Be Without Our Tools? UPDATED

Today is all about the tools we use.  Janet Perry has copied ThreadworX's guide to caring for their threads on her blog. The list of things not to do is good to their threads is great to keep in mind with all threads, since many of them are no longer colorfast and we needlepointers don't usually pre-wash threads before stitching like stitchers on linens often do.

Rita on the ANG email list mentioned Clover's domed needle case which you can use to carry pre-threaded needles with you on a trip. I was curious enough to look up information about this item, and found a video of how it works on the Clover website.   Click on the video called "Dome Threaded Needle Case."

Needlepoint Tool Time has received copies of the new June McKnight book "Spooky Stitches."  Tisha does a brief review on the shop blog, including a photo of the page layout.

UPDATE:  PFOS has a review with even more photos of various stitches inside.

PFOS just got in some of Tink Boord-Dill's charted alphabet books and also have a review with page layout photos.

I think I'm in love with these!

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  1. Thank you, the review you've posted is really nice.
    And the last link about the "box" is my favorite too. :-) This absolutely neсessary tool would make me definitely happy, and my family would ask themselves serious though "how deep is her love" :-)

  2. The original scrapbook does look fabulous. However, it still wouldn't have enough room for all the old needlepoint magazines and books. There is just no end to the storage we need.

  3. Judith, you are right! Wonder if they'd make matching bookshelves?