Friday, June 3, 2011

Barbara Is Tempting Me, Too UPDATED

Ruth isn't the only one creating temptations right and left.  How about this lady with teacup and fascinator from Barbara Elmore?  It will debut (at least partly stitched in Barbara's amazing style) at Columbus.

UPDATE:  Barbara has added a second lady, this time a black woman with a butterfly fascinator.  Isn't she charming?!

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  1. I love the second face. It's a classic.
    If someone were to reproduce the artwork of Jonathan Green on canvas, I'd be so tempted-- the vibrancy of his colors almost defy description.

  2. I love the second face, too, especially since I pushed Barbara to include black women among her hat ladies. The greatest hats I've ever seen in person were those the black women in the AME Zion churches wore during my childhood. More women wore hats to church then than now but even then it was a dying fashion. I'll never forget the elegance, style and panache of those hats. Now that I'm older, I think many of them were hand made by their wearer. Or perhaps there was a black hat lady hiding among my schoolmates' mothers and I didn't know it, not being black myself so their culture wasn't totally open to me. The butterfly hat lady is a tribute to those women by the grace of Barbara Elmore.