Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Shop Newsletters

It's the first of July (or it was when I wrote this) and that means shop newsletters! The first published was Amy Bunger's.   Besides glimpses of her Tudors Home Study lessons, there are new magnets and canvases galore to admire.  I am not a fan of the metal magnets from Puffin but the dual pumpkins are adorable and of course there are flashy rhinestone magnets from Elizabeth Turner Collection and Accoutrement Designs if you need bling like I do.  There are a few darling scissor fobs as well as a wonderful Wild Women canvas (Melissa Shirley Designs) of Queen Elizabeth I with astounding lace sleeves.  

The Bedecked and Beaddazzled newsletter is available today as well. Besides the news about Ruth Schmuff's wonderful mystery classes, she explains now to make wonderful curls using Wonder Ribbon.  There are also glimpses of new canvases to enjoy as well.

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