Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jan Copies Me (But Better)

Mika Fash Insert from Leigh Designs

Jan wanted a tote bag for Christmas so she had a place for her current projects, so she called Michele at Come to the Point (hereinafter referred to as Santa's Helper or The Temptress, take your pick).  Jan ended up with the same Lee nylon tote I own except that I use mine as a purse and have carried it almost daily for about three years.  I love it!

The only difference is that I have never had the time to stitch an insert for mine.  Someday....

Smilin' Jack Fash Insert from Leigh Designs

I use mine to model various canvases when I finish them.  That's what you see in the photos above.  My tote came with two sticky backed inserts so you can switch canvases at whim.  More inserts are available separately if you want to change each month, with the holidays, or just to match your favorite outfits.  Lee has a great product in these purses.  I absolutely love mine so I am sure Jan will absolutely love hers, too.

Your shop can order the Lee purses and leather goods from Colonial Needle.  Have fun browsing the catalogue and picking out your favorites!

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Sara Leigh said...

These bags are fantastic. I got the Lee computer bag (their number BAG59) and use it as my project bag. I love it! It has a square-shaped opening and lots of compartments/pockets inside, including the laptop space, which I put my iPad in. I've working on one or two smallish pieces that might fit it so I can switch out the simple bargello design I have in there now when I want a change. Whenever I finish them, that is.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I agree! I am thinking I need a second one, maybe in green the next time...?