Friday, March 13, 2015

Finishing Friday: A Whole Lot Going On

I haven't done a Finishing Friday in a while, but Nimble Needle's posting of a whole range of pieces done in many ways is something I knew you would want to see.  Personally, seeing stitched items gives me stitch ideas and because I have done some of my own finishing, I absolutely love seeing what a professional finisher comes up with.  The candy corn "feet" are wonderful and the thin finishing of the standup on the acrylic stand is amazing.  Thanks for sharing, Karen!

Ridgewood has a gorgeous Neopoleonic bee pillow back from the finishers, a long bolster (?) and a great NYC montage pillow, some lovely belts, and ornaments including a hilarious pigs' Christmas tree.

Virginia has her Peter Ashe piece back from the framers.  You can see how it turned out and read why she chose the frame she did here.

Suzanne's Pink Santa (Melissa Shirley) is back from being finished as a stand up figure.  He is darling!

Take a good look at the eyes on this finished Melissa Shirley pumpkin.  There's a very creative finisher at work here!

Speaking of finishing, how about the difference the two frame styles make in this Eleanor Grosch piece?  Both are gorgeous.  Which would you pick for your parrot?

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