Monday, February 15, 2016

Needlepoint Junction Moves

The local Hilton Head Island online newspaper just announced that Needlepoint Junction has moved to a new location--a larger space next door to the old location.

Too bad the shop is described as a "knitting shop," particularly given that the name of Needlepoint Junction is NEEDLEPOINT Junction.  Even the two photos of the new shop interior don't appear to show any knitting supplies.  Makes you wonder just how dumb reporters are these days.

I am sure the poor shop owner is hiding her head in shame.

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  1. The reporter needs to read Blog from the other day. Really...if they don't know the difference, they should just refer to a shop as a 'needlework shop'. That way, a shopper looking for supplies for any needlework discipline, would call or check it out in person.

    1. Amen! For those late to the party, this is the article that Anon is referring to.

  2. I am the owner and my first words were that we were a Needle work store primarily needlepoint even though we carry knitting yarns.