Monday, August 29, 2016

NJNA Goes to New Orleans UPDATED with Melita's and jan's Visits

Some of the folks who belong to NJNA (that's the New Jersey Needle Artists chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild) are going to ANG's Seminar in New Orleans that is happening this week.  Here's their various reports posted to the NJNA blog.  I'll update these so you can follow along with their adventures, organized by classes if possible.

Here is Nancy Cucci's class, "For the Love of Chocolate."  Tasty!


Jan is taking this class, too.

Terry Dryden's "African Images" is lovely.

UPDATE:  Here's Gail Sirna's class, "Florida Palm."  I think this is particularly lovely.  I also greatly admire Gail's work.

UPDATE:  Here is a big about Gail Stafford's class "At the Beach."

Gail is also teaching a one day class called "Swirling Tulips."

UPDATE:  All about Nancy Cucci's "Sisters" class.

UPDATE:  This is all about "Beets" which is one of Jennifer Reifenberg's vegetable series.

UPDATE:  Melita's not a member of NJNA but I thought it made sense to add her visit blogging here as well.  She's taking Lois Kershner's "Provence Pottery Shop."

Melita took Margaret Kinsey's "Learning about Rozashi--Patterns in Blue and Green" class.

Melita tells us a bit about the ANG Auction.

Here's a bit about Expo.

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