Tuesday, August 30, 2016

We Have a Winner! UPDATED

We have a big winner at the 2016 ANG Seminar Exhibit--Debbie Tennis  Susan Newman!  She won a blue ribbon in one of the painted canvas areas (don't know which), the Beth Robertson Award, a Judges Choice ribbon and Best in Show.  Way to go, Susan.

And Donna LaBranche won a blue ribbon, too.  Congratulations, everyone.

UPDATE:  Folks says that Debbie posted the photo, and that Susan Newman was the winner.  Sorry!  I didn't understand the message obviously.  Also, the second link was correct but pointed to the Facebook page where this was mentioned.  I am not sure why when I changed the URL it still went to the previous URL.  I guess Blogger hated me yesterday.

UPDATE #2:  Here's something about Melita's ribbon and a lot of other winners, too.

UPDATE #3:  Vicky DeAngelis won a ribbon, too.  This is Sandra Gilmore's Be Kind Buddha.

UPDATE #4:  Brenda won, too!  Congratulations

UPDATE #5:  Kathleen won for her expanded version of Jim Wurth's Xanadu.

UPDATE #6:  Catherine Jordan's little box won the Small Masterpiece Award.

UPDATE #7:  Debbie Rowley of DebBee's Designs went to Seminar and had a blast, plus she won ribbons!

UPDATE #8:  Dawn won all sorts of ribbons for this counted canvaswork sampler.  Lovely!

UPDATE #9:  Frances Whiting won two ribbons, one for her purse and one for her framed heart.  Use the side arrows to drool over them both.

UPDATE #10:  Coleen Greenley won a ribbon, too!  Check out her charming house here.

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  1. Debbie Tennis did NOT win those awards, but Susan Newnam did! and she entered into Painted canvas without stitch guide.
    And for the other award, I believe that your second link isn't going where you wanted it to!

  2. I think that the winner was Susan Newman and Debbie was the person who posted the picture. Liz

  3. Many thanks for the corrections, folks. One was my misunderstanding and the link was a Blogger bug I think. The URL was correct but pointed to a previous URL where Donna's win was mentioned. I substituted links as many folks won't use Facebook, but the pointer never changed. No idea why.