Thursday, March 15, 2018

Breaking News: New Book App UPDATED

Meredith Willet's little spiral bound book, Knots, Fur and Turkey Work,  will be available as an app March 15, 2018.  It will cost $12.99.  You can find a link on The Meredith Collection’s website on March 15, or find it in the app store.  I am assuming this is Apple only and available only on iTunes but I don't know for certain.

Remember, apps that are not updated as your phones and tablets are updated constantly will cease to work.  That's how software is, it goes out of style eventually.  Buying an app is not like buying a book.  Just FYI.

UPDATE:  I'm told Meredith has added more stitch diagrams to the app version of the book, which is a nice touch!

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