Sunday, February 22, 2015

An Adventure For the Golfer UPDATED

Melita has finished the glasses case she created for her golfing husband. It's a beauty, too!   But you should read the adventure she went through to create it in order.  First, she bought the canvas at Designers Desk when she was at the ANG Seminar in Chicago in 2014.

Melita had to adjust the area to be stitched in order to make it glasses case-sized.  She also found using a StarMag clip on light really helped her stitch the black painted area with black thread (second link although right now Nimble Needle is sold out).  UPDATE:  Nimble Needle has the StarMag clip on lights again!

Melita decided to use the finishers at Rittenhouse to make her golf canvas into a glasses case.

Rittenhouse did a spectacular job!

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  1. Star Mags back in stock at the Nimble Needle!

  2. WooHOO! I'll update the article. Thanks for the update!